The Workshop Experience
There's a reason this ancient craft has been taught through apprenticeship—the best way to learn is to watch someone and then try it yourself. In this spirit, The Book Binding Guy SM  Video Workshop passes the secrets of quality book making on to you. Here's why I think you'll love it:

It's Fun.  This Workshop is for anyone who enjoys making things by hand. If you're familiar with hobbies like model building, wood working or knitting, then you know how satisfying book binding can be. After your first journal, you'll be ready to experiment with your own designs. Want to share the fun? Form a book binding group with friends.

It's Easy.  No experience is necessary! This workshop covers all of the concepts, materials and tools you'll need. I experimented with countless techniques to develop a simple process that maximizes aesthetics. Forget about confusing instruction books or tedious research before starting. I've done the homework so you can roll up your sleeves and get started right away.

It's Convenient.  Go at your pace. Create a book in one sitting or spread it out over weeks to suit your lifestyle. Forgot a detail from your last session? No problem. Jump back to that step in the video for a quick refresher. The Book Binding GuySM Video Workshop puts you in control.

It's Affordable. High-quality doesn't have to mean high-priced. For less than the cost of one hand-made book in a retail store or a one-time bookmaking class, this DVD teaches you to make as many books as you like. The tools needed are common and inexpensive—you probably own many of them already. Material costs are completely up to you and most are inexpensive (paper, book board, thread, etc.) Even leather is affordable on a per book basis. Whatever you choose to spend, the finished book will be priceless.

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