The Story Behind the Video Workshop

In 2001 I began journaling as a way to reflect on my life and world events. I wanted something special to write in and remembered that an artist friend had once shown me a funky book he made. Not knowing where to start, I signed up for a two-day book making class at a paper and crafts store. The instructor was pulled in many directions at once because people worked at different paces. The final book was plain and cheap looking. What a disappointment. I had a hunch I could come up with something much better.

I made a list of features that an ideal book would have and set out to create it. Through research and experimentation I tried substituting simple tools and methods wherever the traditional techniques seemed unnecessary or complicated. Over the years I've continued to refine my process by making books for family and friends. It's incredibly rewarding to give a gift that moves people. I figured that others would enjoy the experience of book binding too. Why not share it? That's how the idea for the Video Workshop was born.

Who is The Book Binding Guy?

Friends call me a Renaissance man because of my diverse passions and hobbies. I love projects that combine art, science and technology—to figure out how do something and share it with others. Here's my creative journey at a glance:

In high school I won awards for painting, cartooning, and creative problem solving. At Carleton College I studied geology and archaeology. I designed independent studies to build a telescope by hand-grinding the optics, and did astrophotography at the campus observatory. Somehow, I convinced a chemistry professor to let me experiment with creating fireworks. Outside of class I did an internship at NASA in planetary science, was an artist on an archaeological dig in Greece, and studied ancient climate change and the extinction of the dinosaurs in Italy. To pay for school I worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

After college I joined the National Observatories in Tucson, AZ where I coordinated outreach and ran public stargazing programs. Later, I helped NASA promote an airborne mission to observe a meteor storm over Japan. In 2000 I became the Director of product development for Integrity Interactive, an e-Learning start-up in Boston dedicated to business ethics. In 2006 I completed a filmmaking certificate at Boston University, and in 2007 I participated in a "mini MBA" program offered jointly by Bentley College of Business and Massachusetts College of Art. Presently, I'm the Vice President of Marketing for Climate Earth, a start-up in Berkeley, California that helps large organizations quantify the environmental performance of their whole supply chain.

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